Sorry, you can't apply Outlook XP security update: it is restrictedby non-existant policy

Posted: 10-24-2003, 08:55 PM
It wasn't hard to circumvent this problem (the benfits of wimpy
security), but I
am trying to puzzle out *why* I got this error.

I downloaded the Outlook XP Cumulative Security patch, dated january 22,
named (I think) olk1006.exe. I got an error "Cannot run due to a
software restriction".

I looked through the log and found:

Access to \\Ishtar\MS_updates\Office\xp-2002\Olk1006.exe has been
restricted by your Administrator by location with policy rule
{dda3f824-d8cb-441b-834d-be2efd2c1a33} placed on path OLK*

Now it _doesn't_ show up on the Local Security Settings/Software
Restriction Policies/Additional Rules, but
I search through the registry and found the rule sitting there along
with all the other rules.

The odd thing -- is it appears to be a malformed restriction path:
%HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer\Shell

So the meaning of the restriction seems to be such that it is trying to
prevent program execution
of any files directly out of Explorer's cache directory. But the rule
somehow got "corrupted" by having
an OLK* added to the end of the rule. The effect was to prohibit
execution of any files starting with
OLK from anyplace! I can't imagine why or how the OLK* got in the
restriction, but my security event
log was just corrupted about an hour ago as well (I was doing full
removal/reinstall of office and all

I can just remove the trailing OLK* in the reg editor (since the rule
doesn't show up on the local machine's
software restriction list. Sure seems like a specific and 'odd'
corruption to take place....

Guess I don't need any help in solving a problem other than if anyone
has seen software restriction
rules become both hidden and just 'slightly' corrupt. Tres weird!

-linda W.

Linda W. --- seems like the more I learn, the less I know.
Email: if you wanted to send me email, then my return address
would be like 'earthlink' was 'tlinx' and 'net' was 'org'

Sorry, you can't apply Outlook XP security update: it is restrictedby non-existant policy

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