Spooler System App problems reinstalling Lexmark

Posted: 02-08-2009, 08:39 PM
Please help! I have spent so much time on this already. I had Lexmark
all-in-one X5260 and an old Epson printer installed on my Vista Business Sony
Vaio laptop without problem since early 2008. Yesterday I removed the old
Epson, with problems, as it had a test print still in the spooler. Since
then I have had “Spooler SubSystem App” problems and been unable to
re-install or print from the Lexmark. I did System Restore back to the day
before I removed the Epson printer. I carefully removed the Epson printer.
Still no printing with Lexmark. I have followed the recommendations of many
of the posts here, especially “Spooler SubSystem App” with Alan Morris and
Eddie. I uninstalled Lexmark. I followed the procedure recommended in

and presumed I deleted the drivers and spoolers. However I was unable to do
the “net stop spooler” and “net stop spooler”. I got the response “System
error 5 has occurred. Access is denied”. In Command Prompt I was not at the
root directory, I was at C:\Users\Vaio. (Vaio is my user name.) I am the
only user of this laptop and my printer is plugged into a USB port, not
I then tried to install from the Lexmark 5200 Series CD. The first time it
stopped during a long period of the 2nd phase, “transferring software”
without any error message. I rebooted and tried again. The 2nd time it
stopped responding during a long period of the “transferring software” phase.
Rebooted and tried again. This time after a long period it progressed to the
3rd “installing software” phase, but before getting to the “detecting your
printer” phase, I got the Spooler SubSystem App closed. The full details of
the error message are at the bottom of this post.
Lexmark 5200 now appears in my printers but a test page print just generates
a message that “test print did not work, deleted from print queue”. When
trying to print a doc, the print queue icon appears in the lower right but
not the normal Lexmark status box including voice announcement. The icon is
not openable and it shows 0 docs in queue.
Lexmark doesn’t support Vista, and don’t even have X5260 on their website,
just drivers for X5250 and X5270, but these aren’t for Vista either.
Any help would be really appreciated. Having read through many posts and kb
articles (although many apply to previous operating systems not Vista),
including Perrylea’s “How I fixed my Vista Print Spooler Problems”, I despair
that this is very complicated and hard to find what to delete and not to


(Details of Spooler SubSystem App Closed error message)
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:
Application Name:
Application Version:
Application Timestamp:
Fault Module Name:
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp:
Exception Code:
Exception Offset:
OS Version:
Locale ID:
Additional Information 1:
Additional Information 2:
Additional Information 3:
Additional Information 4:
(End of error message)

Spooler System App problems reinstalling Lexmark

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