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stop error - irq not less or equal

Posted: 12-31-2003, 11:12 AM
My pc occasionaly comes up with a blue screen stop error

It only does this occasionaly, sometimes after an hour,
other times it can go days without doing it, but after a
few occasions i decided to look into it.

I Checked the device manager on view resources by
connection, on doing this i found that my graphics card
is using the same IRQ as 2 of my usb ports, (16)

I wouldnt think this is normal, but if anyone can advise
on this i would be very grateful as this sounds like it
could well be causing the error.

I also noticed that my Ultra ATA storage controller is
using the same IRQ as my other usb port (18)

So in summary - I have 4 usb ports - 2 using IRQ 16, 1
using IRQ 18 and 1 on IRQ 19

My graphics card is also using 16 and my ATA storage
controller is also using 18, although no conflicts are
reported in device manager. Could this be causing the
blue screen stop errors and if so, how do i go about
changing the irqs? As it wont let me do it through device

Thanks in advance for any help.

stop error - irq not less or equal

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