System Restore VSS problems.

Posted: 01-20-2009, 03:18 AM

I have a restore point created each night as a scheduled task and the
all finish successfully but don't always show up as a choice in syste
restore. (I start the system restore process just to see my restor
points, is there a better way!?) and sometimes the one created won'
show up, or all of sudden one day is missing and it's not the oldes
date, but the second or third newest.
Today i noticed that my task ran successfully but something triggere
it to start again 9 minutes later then failed. I am absolutely sur
there is only the one trigger for 1:30:00am so it's bizarre it tried t
run again 9 minutes after it completed successfully. Then i checke
my restore points and there were only TWO left out of 12. And the on
for the 19th was not one of them. just the 18th and 17th restore point
for 1:30:00am. Even though the 19th task did finished just fine befor
it kicked off again and failed. 12 is as high as it goes as for numbe
of restore points on my machine, but my disc usage shown with *VSSADMI
list shadowstorage* just keeps growing. It is at 15GB right now but
only have those 2 restore points.
And files I change, then save and right click to choose restor
previous versions, and i do not get any shadow copy versions t
restore, even though there is still a restore point from 1/18 and on
from 1/17. I tested this before when i had more restore points and th
"restore previous versions" has never shown any shadow copies.
Does anyone have any insight into this and can you name all service
that need to be running for both shadow copy and the ability to restor
from shadow copy?
I turn off all services I know i don't need and am quite experience
and work as a programming manager in IT. I'm not a hardware and OS gur
but I know enough what services can be turned off. the only one
question and I tested turning it back on to no avail is the Syste
Service. At home i'm not on a network and don't need tha
functionality. I've never had any problems with my XP box or the Vist
box up till now with Services service disabled.



System Restore VSS problems.

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