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Puncrawq 07-23-2008 05:26 AM

Taskbar buttons, Sidebar & more issues...

OKay, since SP1 was installed I have noticed a problem I need hel
figuring out. I am running hte following from day one and only notice
problems after SP1 roll out.

300gb HDD (sata
4GB Ra
AMD Athlon x2 dual core XP 6000+ 3.01gh
Vista Home Preomium 64bi
dvd burne
asus M
Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT 512mb PCIEx1

now what happens, is if my wife is logged on with her account and i lo
on second my side bar does not load all I see is hte plus sign at ht
top ofhte sidebar and the transparent outline of the sidebar, rea
quickly it flashes all of my gadgets but they go straight to th
background and are not visible once loaded. then any windows you open d
not show up in the task bar at the bottom. If you hit the view al
windows button in the quick launch it rotates all windows and shows yo
everything thats open. otherwise all you see is the window on top. I
this makes sense to anyone and you can offer some help please let m
know thanks!

oh and this happens when i logg in first everything loads fine then wh
she logs in it does this to her so it seams like whoever logs in firs
gets everything loaded properly. so it requires a reboot everysingl
time you log in, in order for these two functions to work properly.

also side many windows can be open at once with vista 64? an
one seems to very on my sistem as well...some days only
windows can be open others 45 windows can be open ( I tested it)

mr. puncrawq


Puncrawq 07-25-2008 05:37 PM

Re: Taskbar buttons, Sidebar & more issues...

any ideas??

Mr. Puncrawq-


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