TCP/IP Script and Connection Refresh?

Posted: 01-25-2009, 06:14 PM
Hello, I have to migrate users profiles via lan cable. I connect the
computers and set the Networks adapters to the same IP every time (being
there both off the network). The New Machine I have a progam that changes the
ip settings when the time is right. However I boot the old machine in
Safemode with Networking to boot up faster and transfer files faster. While
in safe mode, The progam simply wont change the IP. I'm trying to build a
script to simply change the ip and subnet mask to a static one. Its the same
IP everytime so it would save time to have a script.

On an additional Note: I would like to be able to have the nic possibly
disable and enable at a certain interval untill there is network connectivity
(which would be me hooking the cable up)


TCP/IP Script and Connection Refresh?

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RE: TCP/IP Script and Connection Refresh?
Posted: 01-25-2009, 06:23 PM
Oh and ... Would it be possible to change every NIC thats on the computer to
the same IP. I know this "Can" cause a conflict but it doesnt since only one
NIC is attached to anything. I end up doing this because im not sure which
NIC goes to what. I guess then disable all the NICS and enable all the NICS
at intervals?

I know that asking alot! Thanks!
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