Tri-boot setup issue

Posted: 01-10-2009, 09:32 PM

I had a great setup for dual boot with Grub as my boot manager. I ha
Vista 64 and Ubuntu on two different drives. Today I installed th
Windows 7 Beta on a third drive and it loaded the Windows Boot Manage
to select between Vista and 7. I reset Grub to my MBR but when I selec
Vista it loads the Window Boot Manager. I would like it to boot Vista.
I setup an entry for 7 but it fails to load since their is no boo
record on that drive. Windows 7 was relying on the windows boot manage
to boot. How can I get rid of the windows boot manager and get a boo
sector on to the windows 7 drive so grub can be my boot manager again
Thanks for any assistance


Tri-boot setup issue

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