Re: Trouble connecting to certain sites with IE7

Posted: 03-05-2008, 08:04 PM
Crossposted to various Security-related newsgroups for greater exposure
about this issue with McAfee Security Center 2007/2008.

YW & thanks very much for your feedback!
~PA Bear

mwclpeterson wrote:
> PA Bear and all those following this thread: Problem has been solved!
> Thanks to the good technical support folks at, we
> determined
> that there is in fact a bug between McAfee and Vista. Following is their
> description of the problem and the "miracle" McAfee patch:
> "There is a bug within the 2007 and 2008 versions of McAfee Security
> Center
> when used on Windows Vista. We believe it's something to do with a recent
> Adobe Flash update which added a new "security port" into the mix when
> using
> certain aspects of our game (and presumably Webkinz as well).
> McAfee have been good enough to create a registry fix that we can give our
> customers, simply installing this will tell McAfee not to worry about that
> security port and fixes the problem:
> As this file comes direct from McAfee it is safe to Open it from it's
> current location and import this into your system registry. Please
> restart
> your computer once this has been accomplished, and give Club Penguin a
> try.
> Note that this only needs to be installed on Vista computers using McAfee,
> XP does not exhibit this problem."
> I clicked the link, it updated the registry files and I re-booted. Voila!
> Problem solved! It also solved the problem that was occuring on the
> Webkinz
> site.
> I've gotta believe that others are having a similar problem with Vista and
> McAfee, especially since it comes free with a Comcast subscription. And
> every kid between 5 and 12 with access to a computer have a webkinz and
> are
> using the site. So, hopefully this thread will help others too.
> Thank you very much Bob and PA Bear for your time and efforts in helping
> solve this problem and the frustrations of many, many others. It is much
> appreciated!
> "PA Bear [MS MVP]" wrote:
>> McAfee Security Center: "Protects Children Online. Filters offensive
>> content, pictures, and websites." Have you checked to see if this
>> component is blocking access to those sites?
>> If you (1) uninstall McAfee Security Center via Add/Remove Programs, (2)
>> enable the Windows Firewall, (3) run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal
>> tool
>> (,
>> (4) reboot (again) and then (5) install another, reputable anti-virus
>> application, are the sites still inaccessible?
>> --
>> mwclpeterson wrote:
>>> Nope. New machine is running Trend Micro. XP machine is running
>>> McAfee,
>>> though.
>>> "PA Bear [MS MVP]" wrote:
>>>> And is this new machine also running McAfee Security Center?
>>>> mwclpeterson wrote:
>>>>> Bob, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately (tried it, but) not that
>>>>> simple.
>>>>> Also, connected another new Vista machine today (Home Basic instead of
>>>>> Home
>>>>> Premium) to same network wirelessely through Netgear router and have
>>>>> no
>>>>> problem accessing the parts of the sites in question. And none of the
>>>>> other
>>>>> machines required specific sites to be allowed.
>>>>> "Bob" wrote:
>>>>>> Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Sites>Add the sites to Allow.
>>>>>> mwclpeterson wrote:
>>>>>>> Config: Dell inspiron 531S w/Vista 32-bit; IE7; internet connected
>>>>>>> via
>>>>>>> RCA
>>>>>>> cable modem and Netgear WNR834Bv2 RangeMaxâ„¢ NEXT
>>>>>>> Wireless Router to Comcast by dynamic IP from ISP. McAfee Security
>>>>>>> Center; Windows
>>>>>>> Firewall
>>>>>>> OFF; Internet Security medium; pop-up blockers off (for problem
>>>>>>> sites).
>>>>>>> HP computer w/XP also connected to network.
>>>>>>> On Vista machine, seem to be able to access (all) web sites, log in
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> maneuver fine, but on and, the
>>>>>>> kids
>>>>>>> are experiencing (apparently similar) problems accessing "servers"
>>>>>>> from
>>>>>>> the sites (friends lists on webkinz (Kinzchat), "cannot connect to
>>>>>>> server" on penquin).
>>>>>>> XP machine has NO problems at same sites. Uninstalled and
>>>>>>> reinstalled
>>>>>>> Adobe Flash Player 9 and Shockwave and cleared cache. Reviewed as
>>>>>>> many
>>>>>>> discussions as I could but didn't find exact situation. Thanks in
>>>>>>> advance for any help!

Re: Trouble connecting to certain sites with IE7

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