Troubleshooting Vista: Owners/Access Problems

Posted: 06-19-2006, 08:22 AM
Hi everyone,

New to these forums. Great so far. Need some help troubleshooting!

I installed Vista Beta 2 on a partition separate from my Windows XP partition.

When I started using Vista, I browsed into the "My Pictures" folder on my XP
partition to grab some pictures for MSN Messenger in Vista. However, when I
originally tried to access that folder through Vista, it gave me a dialog
error box that I did not have the rights to access that folder. It then
proceeded to give me instructions to "take ownership" of that folder.

So I did that, by viewing Properties --> Security --> Advanced --> Owners.

When I went back into XP, and clicked on the folder, it would not open and
said it was "inaccessible". So I went back into Vista and tried to give the
Ownership to "Everyone".

Now when I go back into XP and access that folder, I can see the files, but
I cannot see the thumbnails of the pictures and when I open them, it will not
preview them. It is like the files are there but I cannot read the data in

Any ideas on how to completely reverse any Ownership settings I might have
set in Vista?

Thanks in advance

Troubleshooting Vista: Owners/Access Problems

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