true admin account disappeared

Posted: 02-15-2009, 04:12 AM

I had been using the true admin account to do my everyday work (now
know i shouldn't have) and lastnight i decided to change my SID usin
the NewSid program.. the first time around it just sat there for
couple hours not managing anything but to open a new account.. th machine account... since i had no idea what it was or what i
did i chose to delete it (again, now i know i shouldn't have).. then
tried the NewSid again, only this time it worked.. it change
everything, and rebooted the system.. only to find out I only had m
guest account, my admin and regular account are not showing up.. thoug
my hard drive is still intact, and I can still see my admin and regula
account folders.. just cant access them.. any help is highl
appreciated, thanks for your time

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true admin account disappeared

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