Unable to fax programmitically

Posted: 01-09-2009, 06:41 PM


I am trying to send a fax from my application but am having no success
The program throws an exception when the fax is submitted. Unfortunatel
the exception text is "Operation failed" with no other error cod
information. Below is the relevant code in C#. Any assistance would b

Note that I am running Vista Ultimate edition with service pack 1

FAXCOMEXLib.FaxServer fs = new FAXCOMEXLib.FaxServer()
FAXCOMEXLib.FaxDocument fd = new FAXCOMEXLib.FaxDocument()
//fd.Body = \\"This is the fax text.\\"
fd.Body = \\"C:\\Testfax.txt\\"
fd.DocumentName = \\"Test Fax\\"
fd.AttachFaxToReceipt = true
fd.Recipients.Add(\\"123-123-1234\\", \\"Test Recipient Name\\")
fd.Subject = \\"Test\\"
fd.Sender.City = \\"MyCity\\"
fd.Sender.Company = \\"ACME Computing\\"
fd.Sender.Country = \\"Canada\\"
fd.Sender.FaxNumber = \\"123-123-1234\\"
//This JobID[0] can be used to store the JobID of the fax job for late
//string[] JobID = (string[])fd.ConnectedSubmit(fs)


Unable to fax programmitically

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