Unable to save "hosts" file - No rights in Windows Directory

Posted: 09-04-2008, 06:46 AM

I am an admin user on a new Vista Ult. install. When I tried to edit the
Hosts file I found that I only have read rights to the Windows and
program files directories!
I am the only user on the PC and am a member of the Administrators
I have tried logging in as the administrator and that user is fine. I
have removed myself from the admin group and put it back. Still no go.
From what I have read I am not 100% admin but about 80%. How do I
increase this to 100%?

Why do I have no "Write" rights in Windows?

BTW: I am very comfortable with the workings of Windows and am not
prepared to login as admin everytime I need to change something in one
of these directories.

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Unable to save "hosts" file - No rights in Windows Directory

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