Re: Upgrading to Home Premium 64bit

Posted: 01-06-2009, 06:06 PM

12noon wrote:
> How did everything go with the upgrade ?
> I'm on Vista Home Basic 32-bit and have just ordered Vista Ultimate.
> The upgrade disk should arrive tomorrow. What i want to do is upgrade
> from basic 32-bit to ultimate 64-bit. I know i need to clean install and
> that i need drivers for my Dell 1501 with AMD dual core 64bit CPU and
> 2GB memory. What i want though is somehow of taking all my old emails
> and website log-ins and passwords with me to the 64bit Vista install.
> Got any advice ?
1) Back up your email externally (as in, CD, DVD, external HD, or flash
2) Back up your passwords externally(see above).

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO KEEP YOUR DATA otherwise. "Clean install" means
destroying all data on the drive, then installing x64 FRESH in its own

Re: Upgrading to Home Premium 64bit

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