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lnjr 09-21-2008 04:52 PM

user information / account?

I recently purchased a Gateway notebook M1629. It was the displa
model and had the user account as RadioShack. I did figure out how t
change the user account and delete the RadioShack user account.

However, I noticed when I went to install superantispyware this mornin
that the page that comes up during installation for the user informatio
already has the name RadioShack in that area (it can be changed and

Why is it that even after having removed/deleting the RadioShack use
account and only having my name listed and I am listed as th
adminstrator is the name RadioShack still popping up during th
installation of some things. I'm pretty sure that the same thin
happened the other day when I installed MS Office 2003 Professional a

How do I get the RadioShack name to not automatically be showing up fo
things like this

Any suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated



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