VBScript Login Script

Posted: 07-29-2008, 02:05 AM
Forgive me if this was already posted elsewhere, I wasn't able to locate it.

Currently we have a login script that is a VBScript that is assigned to each
user object. It is not being applied through Group Policy. This script has
worked fine in XP and currently does, however in Vista it doesn't run. If I
run regserv32 vbscript.dll as an administrator, the script works fine.

1.) Is there any way to run the VBScript as a login script without
registering this DLL? Do you need to be an admin to run this? What are my

2.) If VBScript is not longer natively supported without registering the
..DLL, what is the default scripting engine preferred to run in Vista?

3.) What is the best way to map drives for end users in Vista?


VBScript Login Script

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