'virtual' renaming of folders?

Posted: 08-14-2008, 02:54 PM

Machine was XP. Has another drive ('D:'), that drive has a large folder
(10GB) named 'x'.

Machine upgrade to Vista64. On 'C:' of course, and 'D:' was unaffected,
as expected.

Few days later - as per business need, renamed the folder from 'x' to
'y' - typical right-click, rename. Seems to have worked, it now appears
as 'y'.

but its not.

many reboots and few days later: the folder in Windows Explorer still
appears to be named 'y'. But if I view properties, shows as named 'x'
(its "object name", its suggested share name, etc.)

Weird but true .. now I wanted to make this folder my default
Documents. So go to properties for Documents | Location | Move and point
it to 'y'. Takes it, or at least so it seems.

However now have millions of problems (error messages of "can't find
'x'" in all sorts of day-to-day tasks that involve browsing Documents
folder), various install failures (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft
Office, Visual Studio, etc). All complaining of same thing - "can't find

Drove me crazy, spent days on newsgroups, consulted spirit mediums,
burned incense - nothing worked, only concensus on many forums was to go
back to XP or reinstall Vista (???)

In frustration, reverted to primitive background instincts. Brought up
a DOS box (yes I know its not, but has that "warm fuzzy name from past"
feeling), navigated to the containing folder, did a ''dir' ..

... and sure enough, the directory in question shows up as 'x' and not

Did a rename from 'x' to 'y' - seems to work.

Back to Windows Explorer, reset Documents to default value. Then
re-pointed it back to 'x' again.


All installs, all programs.

So I hear you, why bother with this post?

Cuz - does anyone know what's going on? What's this "2 names for a
folder" nonsense? Why does DOS (yes I know..) save the day?

PS - I have a copy of the folder and this copy also has same problem -
so its 100% reproducible if anyone out there has some suggestions.

PPS - the Vista64 is fully up-to-the-minute patched so no back-level SP

What is going on?
Lost in Space


'virtual' renaming of folders?

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