Vista 32 bit SP1 - file/properties/details tab - missing info for .sys files

Posted: 10-06-2008, 01:49 AM
Sorry if I'm breaking any rules by posting to another group but posted to
general a couple of days ago and not a single response. Not sure if
initially posted to incorrect group or it's simply that no one can think of
any reason as to why the problem occurs. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi all,
Just recently I have noticed that when viewing file properties for .sys
files the 'details' tab contains very little information, as can be seen
here with tcpip.sys:

It seems about 50/50 whether details from a .sys file will be interpreted
properly by Vista. This was confirmed by using System Information:

I then noticed that a third party app (SiSoft Sandra) was able to read the
info without any problems:

I thought I'd try and see what effect changing the file extension had &
changed it to tcpip.dll. This resulted in all the info being displayed:

This also worked when I renamed to tcpip.exe. The problem happens on my
laptop with Vista Business and Desktop with Vista Ultimate. I've tried
running ShellExView and disabling any 3rd party extensions to no avail. Any
ideas about what is going on here? Any ideas as to how I can get Vista to
display the properties of system files properly?

Thanks in advance


Vista 32 bit SP1 - file/properties/details tab - missing info for .sys files

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