vista 64 blank sceen hell

Posted: 11-13-2008, 06:42 PM

Please help I have no idea what to do , any help or advice would be so
appreciated .
About two month ago I had a intel e6300 on a asus P5kc with 4gb 800mhz ram
witha nvidia 8600gts card all on vista 64 running fine . But wonted a clean
install so I could make a nice good backup image to save to disk . So the
reinstall was fine let windows sort the new divers out for the graphics card
and after the updates finished the pc asked to restart , so restart I did but
1-2 seconds after the side bar popped up the screen goes blank and monitor
onto standby , I can get into safe mode remove the graphics drivers and boot
fine but when ever any form of graphics driver is on after restart the crash
happens . OK hear comes that alien part. what ever chip set graphics driver
the work I can find out there have sorted this, drivers have been tried at
the start of a clean install half updated or every update available have any
affect on when or how the crash happens . 100 hours plus trying every
configuration was spent over the last few weeks so last week I got a new
motherboard P5q and graphics card 9800gtx+ thinking this will sort it , how
wrong I was exactly the same happens with the new setup PLEASE HELP ME I have
100 hours plus on this setup now and it xp or nothing at the moment . I can
not state how many hardware configurations I have tried one sick of ram to
all four and only one hard drive old cards with new board u get it , sorry to
go on but thing detail is the key for this one but i can not see any other
reson for this other than WINDOWS itself ????

vista 64 blank sceen hell

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