Re: Vista and IOGear Router issues

Posted: 01-18-2009, 03:53 PM

I just acquired an older BOSS unit and was having the same problem no
being able to connect to the web interface with the IP addres

Many forum guests assume the IP is incorrect, but this is the right I
address for the BOSS under factory settings. I had internet acces
through the router and could connect to the shared network folder, jus
no access to the management interface

After struggling to connect for weeks, I emailed IOGear support to se
if they had any insight. After 2 days, I received an email stating tha
I needed Internet Explorer 5 or newer, or I could try the Opera browser

Well I have WinXP on my computer, so I am not going to downgrade t I installed the latest Opera browser. Sadly, it did not work.
Then I searched for older Opera versions and tried installing Oper
v6.06. I figured by using an older one, it might be more similar to I

Sure enough, it works!

So the folks at IOGear should not say IE5 "or newer..." they should sa
that it only works on older browsers like IE5 or Opera v6

Hope that helps someone else out there, I was thinking about tossin
mine til I figured that out

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Re: Vista and IOGear Router issues

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