Vista box cannot access XP shares

Posted: 01-20-2009, 08:24 PM
Hello everyone. I have an XP machine with a few shared folders on it and a
Vista machine that won't access the share on it anymore. Here is what
happened: I went to add a third Raid card to my XP machine and in doing so, I
had to move PCI cards around. Two of those cards where network cards. BUT,
the network card I have WINS enabled on is an onboard card. Once I got my
PCI cards installed the way I wanted, XP wouldn't boot. It gave me a blue
screen. I imagine it's because XP thought, since I moved cards around so
much, XP was thinking I moved the hard drive to a new PC. So I restored XP
from a known good image I have and I got it to boot. It reinstalled the
network cards upon boot (Since all PCI cards but the onboard card where in a
different slot). At this point I was happy but my Vista machine could not
access my XP shares. Vista is prompting me for a user name and password.
Since I work on PC's all day every day for work, I didn't want to waste time
on this so I just reinstalled XP fresh. I thought that would do the trick
but Vista still prompts me for a user name and password.

So that is where I stand now. The same user is logged onto the XP box and
the Vista box with the same password. I can't ping the XP machine name from
Vista. The firewall is off on both Vista and XP. The workgroups are the
same on both machines. I tried to delete my Vista user name on Vista >
deleted my user folder on Vista under users > and logged back in to Vista.
Still getting prompted for a user name and password. I tried a re-boot of
both machines. I reset my Linksys router to factory defaults and I power
cycled my switch. I tried to add the adapter's IP that is using WINS to the
WINS's section on XP and Vista. I tried turning WINS on on all three network
cars on my XP box. I CAN get to my XP shares on an XP work laptop that I
have (After I tured off the windows firewall on the XP box even though file
and print sharing was allowed in the firewall).

Any help is appericated.

Vista box cannot access XP shares

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