Vista Full Back Up to Network Drive Requires User Name & Password?

Posted: 01-04-2009, 06:47 AM

I have a 3 computer home network, 2 desktops are Win XP Pro and noteboo
is Vista Ultimate x 32 machine. Have administer rights with ful
permissions on all 3 machines. One external Seagate 160 GB drive is th
network drive used as a backup. The drive is 40% full. All computer
and network drive are fully visable from each computer. No problem t
copy any file or folder to the back up drive from any machine. *::No
the problem...::* When I attempt to do a ::_full_:: backup of th
notebook using Microsoft back up utility, to the external drive, I ge
the dialog box telling I need a *login and password*.. Never had a lo
in or password for anything. Can't get past this
Tried to go the external drive to check if a password is possible an
there is no place for it. Tried to change the drive permissions but n
settings are retained. Tried to set up another user account on the Vist
machine with a password to access the user account, did not work. Trie
closing UAC and that did nothing.
Looking for some ideas..


Vista Full Back Up to Network Drive Requires User Name & Password?

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