Vista Home Basic Error 1606 %PUBLIC%\Desktop\

Posted: 03-07-2009, 08:01 PM

I've recently had Norton Anti-virus 2009 and when i went to get my liv
updates 3 of them wouldn't install
I wasnt too worried about this because i figured i'd uninstall it an
re-install it to see if it fixes the errors
Instead of this being an easy task before it would finish updating
kept getting this error %PUBLIC%\Desktop

i decided to get rid of Norton and use Avast because i dont have tim
to fool around, but now the problem has come back, and its stopping m
from installing Windows Microsoft Office
I cant run it from the disk so i opened the setup.exe folder as a
admin to run it and i keep getting the Error: 1606 %PUBLIC%\Desktop
i cant find anything on it and all the forums i do find are for XP

I'm also having trouble with my desktop because i cant rename m
If i change the name it'll automatically switch back
If i create a new folder and try to change the name it wont let m
It'll either switch back to New Folder or it'll say that folder nam
that i create doesnt exist

Id appreciate it if anyone could help m
or if you know of any other sites with info related to my issu


Vista Home Basic Error 1606 %PUBLIC%\Desktop\

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Re: Vista Home Basic Error 1606 %PUBLIC%\Desktop\
Posted: 03-21-2009, 06:35 PM

Hello everyone,
Well, I have returned to post my results after searching for a solution
for hours and finally arriving to one that was specific to my
problem....and I decided to share with others experiencing a similar

I had a similar problem....It took a couple of hours of searching but I
followed the instructions located here
( on a microsoft support page
and so far the problem has been fixed.

Hope this helps!!!
Good luck

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