Vista IE7-922706- no certificate appeared in Certificates dialog box

Posted: 05-20-2007, 12:10 AM

I have following the step above to make our https site to support Vista
requesting certificate from our win2k3 Web enrollment page but i still
have some isse now.

no problem to install cert on ie6/ie7 xp and ie7 Vista.

on Vista IE7 > intenet options > Content > Certificates
In the Certificates dialog box, it shows the "digital certificate" that was
installed under "Personal" and I have also install the certnew.cer (root
certificate) to the "Trusted Root Certification". When I access the https
site, the certificate does not appear under "choose a digital certificate"
pop up dialog box, the box is empty. so there no way i can access the
security page.

I have no problem on the ie6 and ie7 that is running on the Windows XP.
The problem only ocurrs on ie7 with Vista.

one thing, wehn i install the CA on the windows 2008 beta, i choose "2048
bits on RSA public key" but the personal key is 1024 bits for public key.
will this be the issue? should i reinstall the CA on "Win2k8 beta 3" with
1024 bits RSA then re-copy the files to "win2k3 server"?

please advise


Vista IE7-922706- no certificate appeared in Certificates dialog box

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