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Vista Missing (or Not Working) Shortcuts

Posted: 01-19-2009, 07:30 PM

-I have read every post about this subject, and am no closer to
solution. I have lost all the shortcuts (well, there are a random fiv
or six) from my start menu. I am running Vista 32 bit Home Premium.
assume some program stole them when I uninstalled it. I have foun
numerous ways to restore the defaults through this forum site, but the
have not worked. The shortcuts then appear, but they don't do anythin
when I click on them. This problem extends to things such as th
calculator in the accessories folder and all my personally installe
program folders are gone from the start menu as well. Even when I put
new folder and shortcut in the proper place, it still won't do anythin
when I click them, and all the restored shortcuts have a generic ico
that looks like a piece of paper. I don't have the option to sy
restore, and so I am wondering what you would suggest I do next. Would
reinstall of Vista do anything? I have not ever done a Vista reinstall
can you install "over the top" like in XP? I can manually reinstall o
rebuild the shortcuts for the non-stock programs, as there are not man
installed, but to go through the whole of the ones that came with Vist
is daunting, and doesn't seem to be working. Oh, I tried the download o
the single and all users shortcuts through a post on here, which is ho
I got the non linking generic icon shortcuts to show up, but not work.

-Thanks in advance for any help I get!



Vista Missing (or Not Working) Shortcuts

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