Vista Networking issue - Can see PC but can't access it

Posted: 02-12-2009, 12:14 AM

I have two PCs. One has Vista Ultimate and the other has Vista Business. I
have connected them through a switch. Both PCs have different NIC cards. In
either of the PCs, under 'Network' folder, I can see the other PC. But when I
double click on one PC, I get the following message:

\\<pc name> not found.

When I ping that PC, I get no reply. When I try to access the other PC via
\\<IP address>, I get the same error message.

I have turned on the following:
Network discovery
File Sharing
Public Folder sharing
Printer Sharing (although I don't have any printer)

I have turned off the following:
All firewalls
Password protected sharing
Media sharing

I have shared the root drive as shown on microsoft website
lp/33307acf-0698-41ba-b014-ea0a2eb8d0a81033.mspx#E MGAE).

But I still can't access it.

Please advise how I can access the root drive.


Vista Networking issue - Can see PC but can't access it

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