Vista Ultimate cannot find backup sets (Rephrase)

Posted: 02-02-2008, 10:28 PM
I have the same problem... I have a DELL XPS 420 with a Maxtor 250GB ext hard
drive... I did a 'Complete PC Backup' to B: drive (The ext Maxtor)
Next, I rebooted and used the system repair from the boot menu... this
formated my hard drive and set everything back to the DELL factory
defaults... re-installing Windows Vista Ultimate, Office 2K7, and all the
other DELL junk...
Now, I'd like to restore the computer to before the DELL repair... the files
are all still on the B: drive, I can see them there...
However, when I go to 'Restore files' -> 'Advanced restore' -> 'Warning -
Continue' -> only the 'Files from a backup made on a different computer.' is
enabled and already has a tick in the radio button -> 'Next' -> 'Looking for
backup devices...' -> I select B: drive -> and it tells me "Windows cannot
find any backup sets on the selected device"
When I reboot my computer and start it with it's cd, I select system repair,
complete PC restore, at this point I can click load drivers and navigate to
ext HD to see the backup sets, when I click cancel to get out that and click
next it tells me that it cannot find any backup sets. It tells me to connect
the device or insert the media that contain the backup sets. The drive is
connected. Why can't it find the backup sets???
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Vista Ultimate cannot find backup sets (Rephrase)

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