Vista Ultimate fails to install, clean install, new disk.

Posted: 01-08-2009, 10:32 AM
(also on

I am installing MS Vista Ultimate on a newish machine with no indicated
compatibility problems, fresh install on a new additional disk. The
existing disk has Windows XP Business. Towards the end of the
installation, it fails with a crash when trying to boot vista and load
the drivers. It's easy enough to produce the output which shows the
drivers being loaded but this only tells me the previous driver which
was loaded before the crash and not the actual crash causing the
problem. How do I determine the actual driver which is causing the

1. My question is how to determine the driver, so how can I know until I
determine the driver, whether it is for vista or not although since the
installation hasn't yet finished my assumption is that all the drivers
are the ones on the Vista installation disk

2. This is a fresh installation on a brand new freshly formatted
additional disk. Problem does not go away, irrespective of boot type
attempted (even safe mode)

3. I am unable to get Vista to boot, therefore cannot use control panel
etc to remove possibly offending programs or any of the features of
Vista to determine the root cause.

4. System has an Athlon 4GHz 64bit but it is the 32 bit Vista I'm

5. I am aiming for a dual boot system with XP Business SP3 on the
existing C drive and Vista Ultimate 32 bit on the D drive (500Gb, clean,
separate disk, formatted, not a virtual disk).

6. System is virus free, with all the latest patches/updates including
firmware. AMD Athlon 4Ghz CPU, 2Gb RAM, XP on the C drive, Vista on the
additional D drive (500Gb). Asus A8N Sli premium motherboard, Silicon
Image SiT 3114 SoftRaid 5 controller, C drive (XP) is reported as Maxtor
6 L200M0 SCSI and D drive (Vista) is Samsung HD502IJ SCSI (as reported
in device manager - both are SATA drives)

I need to know which VISTA driver in the drivers directory on the VISTA
partition is causing the crash thanks.

Keen to get this going so that I have a working Vista installation to
try out Windows 7 Beta.


Craig Cockburn ("coburn"). Director, Ltd
Web project manager and Internet specialist. CITP. C.Eng

Vista Ultimate fails to install, clean install, new disk.

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