Vista WLAN issue - spurious 802.1x packet?

Posted: 02-05-2009, 02:19 PM
Hi All,

There's a problem driving my colleague and I a little mad.

At my home I have a Cisco 877W wireless DSL gateway, configured with 2
SSIDs, each with associated vlan and IP (DHCP) range.

I cannot seem to get my Vista work laptop to correctly sign onto an SSID,
yet an XP laptop will. The issue seems to surround DHCP, or more specifically
the Vista (Ultimate, sp1) laptop will not get a DHCP address, but the XP box
will. If I define a fixed IP in the correct range on the Vista laptop it also
works fine.

The wireless config is the same between the 2 laptops, WPA-personal/TKIP.

I have updated the wireless NIC driver to the latest from Intel (it's a
PRO/Wireless 3945ABG card) on the Vista box, no effect. It's a Sony Vaio FWIW.

We have tried multiple firmwares on the Cisco box, no effect.

Wired connections to the Cisco box also work fine from the Vista box.

The really odd thing we have seen is an 802.1x packet sent from the Vista
machine which is dropped by the Cisco box - is this related? 802.1x is not
defined for any interface on the laptop, and just for good measure I have
disabled the NAP and WiredAutoConfig services, as well as removed the IPv6
association from each connection. Should Vista still be sending out an 802.1x
packet if it's not configured for 802.1x auth? Is this what's stopping the
Vista box from getting an IP? I also see no arp entry for the Cisco box.

My colleague's sure he has this working at one of our client's sites, with
the firmware we're currently running, and the config appears to be virtually
the same.

Any hints/thought appreciated!



Vista WLAN issue - spurious 802.1x packet?

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