WAIK + vista64 + configuration ideas HELP

Posted: 01-23-2009, 08:23 PM

Alright.. This is my first post and certainly I am sorry if I am on th
wrong forum altogether (perhaps microsoft or?

Either case, I hope to pick up on a good technician who knows what
wish, what problems I might have and how to solve it

My problem(s) are these

I have a V64 ultimate Disk to install Vista Ultimate x64

I am on a HP laptop which I wish to reconfigure to a truly persona

Thus... I have one physical disk of 320 GB which I wish to partition t
C, D, E and F

The relevant files and date on these partitions are to be

C: O
D: Programs (Yes, programfiles(x86) and programfiles
E: Profiles (aka Users
F: General Data storage

Now, I am trying out WAIK to move programs and user folders to th
respective partitions

However.. I have certain things in mind when it comes to why* I a
doing this

A. Mainly because I wish to be able to integrate a simple recover
method. So I wish to remake my image so that if I put in my disc... C i
formatted , installs OS (and retains the junctions which point to USER
and PROGRAMS to the other respective partitions)

So.. some problems are these... If I choose wipedisk in WAIK , I wil
obviously lose my old data on the partitions.. so this is not a
option... Hence, I have to set this to false... and then what? How t
create the C, format it .. and make sure it still will understand tha
Users and programs are on D and E

I think I probably will need 2 discs? The original one to perhap
Create the partitions C, D, E, etc. and use an attended disc "1" to se
up freshly created partitions (now wipedisk is ok)... But lets say i
two months time I need to reinstall my OS... So then I take Disc "2
which I have modified in such a way that it formats C, installs OS (
guess I must be careful to never change the partition size of C eh?)
links USERS AND PROGRAMS to the existing USERS and PROGRAMS in D and
but does not wipe out any data (or overwrites the old users and program
with fresh folders!)

Does this make any sense? I wonder how to set up disc 2 then? t
'understand' this layout. SO Disc 1 = complete reformat fresh install o
WHOLE PHYSICAL DISK(with whichever drivers, programs I am adding) ..
and Disc 2 = ONLY FORMATS THE OS PARTITION C but retains all othe
paritions and updates only the junctions which point to the othe
drives(but retains my good old programs and users)??

In both cases (discs) I would automatically create a same user USER
with a password and so will that be a problem , etc etc...

If this post is incomplete for now or inaccurate or inadequate , pleas
feel free to ask me specific questions so I can further answer properl
what I have in mind

If anyone sees problems or solutions with this , please let me know!!

The OS is 64 bit on 64 bit laptop and thats about it



WAIK + vista64 + configuration ideas HELP

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Re: WAIK + vista64 + configuration ideas HELP
Posted: 01-26-2009, 01:01 AM

Alright.. since so 'few' have replied.. I will continue with some
questions in hope someone with experience coms along and feels like
helping me.

I want to slipstream my Vista x64 ultimate a bit using vlite... I have
realised this should b a good option. Also... I add some device drivers
for my particular laptop as this image is a personal installation +
'recovery' image. I run vlite to make my slipstreamed image and round 2
is WAIK again.

This is where it gets kinky! I am pondering if I need to make 2 ISO's
or one could do.

Why.. because of these issues: I wish to have programs on D partition
and Users on E.

Now.. for the first install.. I want the whole disk to be formatted and
paritioned as stated in OP... I guess for first round I don't mind it
not being unattended (so I could run the disk part manually) , with
specific USER n PROG locations etc... ALso.. I add programs to be
installed on Drogs....

Ok.. so that will make it a lil more ready out of the box style when I
freshly install...

But now comes the questions.. IF 4 months later I need to reinstall
OS... I wish to use either same disc or a different image.. to reinstall
C (format it and install OS again) but NOT* overwrite the users nor
PROGS on D... So.. if I would use the same disc.. then installing the
unattended programs again would obviously overwrite something.. So lets
say I use a disc 2 which does not reinstall programs on D and must still
point to USERS on E and PROGS on D right? If I do this... how about
registry consistency? the registry for all programs will be gone and so
the idea of putting the programs on D for practicality has gone???

Sigh... How do I solve this with this microsoft way of selling their
products dang. :/

I know from xp once , having such a structure , when I reinstalled C..
many of my programs worked even if the registry was fresh hehe... but I
doubt all of them, plus licensing and product registration values must
of bveen deleted... any ideas on this with WAIK etc.. where I am trying
to go.. what is the best solution in WAIk etc.. when I don't want
factory recovery discs to put on old progs i dont want.. remove the ones
i have installed etc... I want my own layout and I would prefer if users
and programs could somehow persist through an OS reinstall!!!! Please
can someone give a reply iff sees the underlying concept and has good
points to raise (either in solving it in my fairyway wish which
shouldn't really be a problem had MS been more like unix, or in pointing
out what I have to consider so I might figure it out myself).


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Re: WAIK + vista64 + configuration ideas HELP
Posted: 01-27-2009, 07:16 PM

lol by this time I soon willo have written a guide on WAIk, vLite
injecting drivrs, applications and install strategies with the speed an
helpfulness on this topic in this forum sheesh

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