wdt search box misses data paste under load vista sp2 6002

Posted: 01-21-2009, 03:21 PM

When running lots of drive I/o at times when I paste a keyword into the
windows desktop search box
it will just show the left most letter of what I entered and a few bits of
the next letter like the video id torn and the letter sizes are slightly
larger than normal.

This sort of looks like directx strangeness.

I have to past the data a second time to get it to search for it.

there have been times when I search and it will not show all the items that
are there.

example: go to a dir full of files and enter * for the search it should
return all that are there but does not some times.

I have the search set to not index but to search manually every time and
only file names.

I some times get the feeling this is due to the quad core cpu. It seems
like 1 core may get running in a thread on some task and locks the security
and then the next core try's to access that dir and cannot and stops while
the first keeps on.
I often wonder if there is a way to set the system to run its security and
file tasks all on just 1 cpu core to stop this.

Just a thought Frank

wdt search box misses data paste under load vista sp2 6002

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