What controls which columns Explorer displays in a "Details" directory list?

Posted: 01-11-2009, 04:58 PM
Again and again I have the odd effect (I'ld call it a bug) that Explorer
in some arbitrary directory (like e.g. some program's install directory
underneath "C:\Program Files") displays odd and completely stupid
columns, like tags, rating, artist, date taken, etc. instead of the
usual type, size, date modified, etc. Apparently it thinks that these
directories contain music or picture files.

What could cause this absurd behavior? And how can I stop this? Even in
"My Music" and "My Pictures" I would prefer to see the usual columns. If
I want to see the other details I fire up a music player (like WMP) or
some picture viewer SW.

This is using Vista Business...


What controls which columns Explorer displays in a "Details" directory list?

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