What is specific to user accounts?

Posted: 09-14-2008, 02:33 PM

Hi people. Just signed on to this forum. Please tell me someone, What
exactly is specific to a user account in Vista Home premium? Custom
hardware profiles are not available in Vista so Im wondering if I create
an addintional user account and then disable certain hardware devices in
device manager while logged on to the account, will they also be
disabled in the original account? Or is this a global setting? And what
all is specific to a user account? Im sure documents and other common
items but what else?

I know I could create one and do some testing but I thought I would ask
first. Im the only user of the machine and, messing with user accounts
kind of spooks me.

Any help would be appreciated.



What is specific to user accounts?

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Re: What is specific to user accounts?
Posted: 09-26-2008, 05:05 AM

Hello Greg, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Hardware devices are used globally on the computer for all users. I
believe the easiest way to restrict access for a particular user account
for a item (ex: file or drive) is to change the permission level to
"Deny" access for that user. This tutorial below can help show you how
to do this if needed.


Hope this helps,


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