When to run the application?

Posted: 01-24-2009, 01:15 AM
Dear All,

I have created an application that undertakes an audit on a pc and stores
the values in a SQL database and requires admin access to the user profiles
on the local machine. My central IT are proposing to run the application via
a sms script with an account that has admin access before anyone logs on. My
question is whether this will work as my application works fine if it is
manually executed after the network login of a normal local admin user who
belongs to a group on the server with the appropriate level of access. The
account has been set up on the SQL Sever as well. Will an admin account have
access to execute an ADO connection and INSERT to a SQL 2000 database prior
to the pc being logged onto the network (or as I understand logging onto the
network)? Prior to the physical logon you can see the pc listed on the
network neighbourhood but does it have network access at this time?

This is the only explanation I can come up with. No data is inserted into
the database and my IT won't test running the program as if they had logged
in as the sms admin account.

We are running the pcs on Windows XP Professional.

Thanks again for any advice.

Alastair MacFarlane

[posted on vb.general.discussion & windowsxp.general unknown relevance]

When to run the application?

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