Posted: 09-04-2003, 05:54 PM
According to the BITDEFENDER web site this worm is my
problem. I have scanned numerous times and no virus/worm
infection has been detected. Task Mgr, msconfig, etc.
still will not stay up when called. I examined REGEDIT
and found a folder named UNKNOWN among the many folders
in this file. I don't know why such a folder would be
there, but I am very wary of changing REGEDIT. Also, in
the past week, since this problem arose I found numerous
copies of a file, BRITNEY_SPEARS_GAME.EXE. I have
searched and removed all copies several times, but it
reappeared in most if not all of my virtual drives. Since
my last attempt yesterday it has not come back....yet.
Finally, aside from the difficulties cited above, my DELL
PC seems to function OK. Any more suggestions to make me
whole again would be greatly appreciated.


Responses to "Win32.Cydog.C@mm"

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