Windows 2000 Server with printer, intermittently works with Vista

Posted: 10-23-2008, 03:37 PM
I have a domain.

One Domain controller based on Windows Server 2000 shares an HP LaserJet 6L
The printer is accessed over the network by a number of Windows 2000
workstations, Windows XP Pro workstations and Windows XP Home workstations
as well as a number of Macintosh OS 7.5 and OS X 10.4.11 systems, some are
domain members and some are not, but they all work and print flawlessly.

A recent Windows Vista Home Premium PC can problematically connect to this
shared printer, the dialog to make a network connection never seem to
complete, but the connection is there, the printer shows up on the laptop PC
and can print to the printer.

If the Laptop computer goes to sleep or is rebooted, the unit can see the
printer but it will no longer print, it just hangs for a real long time and
the printer queue is jamed with a print job that cannot be flushed by anyone
but an administrator shutting down the spooler, deleting the job and
restarting the spooler.

If the printer on the Vista machine is deleted and a new connection is made,
then it can print again, until the next sleep or reboot.

I am finding it hard to figure out what has gone wrong here, but given that
all the other computers with all the other variations of Operating Systems
can faithfully connect to and make use of the printer, I am almost compelled
to declare that Windows Vista is broken.

We were about to start upgrading systems, but at this moment, this very
critical flaw is causing us to re-think the process and possibly re-evaluate
our choices in platform.

Does anyone have any way to solve this problem?

Windows 2000 Server with printer, intermittently works with Vista

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