Windows Explorer Navigation Does Not Function Correctly...or as I wish.

Posted: 11-26-2008, 10:35 PM

Vista Business 64 bit Windows explorer navigation is doing unwanted
things. I am not sure if this is peculiar to VB64 or if it is a setting
someone enabled, or that could be disabled. I just know I do not like
it. The other Vista systems (not 64 bit) do not do this.

I navigate windows directories and files with a combination of mouse
and keystrokes, Ex: Open explorer, <in the directory tree - left pane>
click on a directory, then hit the letter "p" to go down to the first
"p" directory. This scrolls the directories down 2 pages to the first
"p" directory, usually PageEncore. From there I access the files in
that directory or one of the now easily convenient other "p" directories
in view. In the right pane, I click on any file an hit the first letter
of the file I wish to locate. Say, I am looking for file
_KwikKar-Plano_rFlexPylon-cc_. When I click on the letter "k" the
oddities begin.

My pointer jumps to the upper right corner of Windows explorer, the
letter "k" is in the "search bar" (to the right of the address bar) with
the blinking cursor. To make things worse, the file that is usually
highlighted (the first "k" file in that file list), is not highlighted
in that directory, I am not even at that directory any more. I am in a
"Search Results" location below the recycle bin (I want to say directory
here, but it isn't a directory as it disappears when I navigate away
from it.) and every "k" file, and file that contains a "k" are showing
up in that search location. This is fundamentally wrong. I am doing
the navigating...or was.

My question is, how to make navigation, as i described, function
correctly. Once in a directory with numerous files sorted
alphabetically, in all previous versions of Windows, when you type any
letter, windows scrolls down and highlights the first file beginning
with the typed letter. Does any one have any insite into how to correct

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Windows Explorer Navigation Does Not Function Correctly...or as I wish.

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