Windows Fax and Scan (WFS) won't use my 2007 Outlook Contacts

Posted: 02-10-2009, 09:52 AM
Vista Ultimate x64
Office Ultimate 2007 w/ BCM

"Windows Fax and Scan" (WFS) does not allow me to choose Outlook Contacts in
order to populate the fax number field. WFS is using Windows Contact instead
Outlook Contacts.

I've tried everything of which I could think, and read every forum I could
find on the web.

Steps I've tried:
1) Control Panel-> Programs-> Default Programs-> Set Default Programs->
I Checked all boxes (6 extensions, 6 protocols, 1 start menu).
Technically, they’re “grayed out” but checked.
Is anything missing?
E-mail link

2) Control Panel-> Programs-> Default Programs-> Set Default Programs->
Windows Contact
4 of 5 items are “grayed out” and checked.
..vcf (only one not checked)

3) Outlook-> Tools-> Account Settings-> Address Books
Outlook Address book shows up as MAPI?
I tried creating another MAPI Address Book to test, but was limited to only
I tried creating LDAP, but it didn’t seem to do anything, and I don’t know
what it does.

4) Outlook-> Folder List View-> Contacts (right click) -> Properties->
Outlook Address Book
“Show this Folder as an Email Address Book” is checked but “Grayed Out”.

5) Checked on my .PST File.
Interesting Note about Properties:
“Type of File: Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (.pst)”
“Opens With: Unknown Application”
Is that normal to say opens with “Unknown Application”?
When I open Outlook, it always opens normally.
However when I try to associate a program (outlook), then open the file up
directly it doesn’t work. It seems fine to me, but I thought I throw that in

6) WFS-> New Fax-> To-> Select Recipients-> Find-> Look In->
Windows Contact, Active Directory, Verisign Internet Directory Service all
show up.
Why would the latter to appear? That seems odd to me.

7) I always run WFS as Administrator to make sure permissions are not the

Please help. I am at a loss.
One of my concerns is that WFS and Outlook Contact won’t work together in
Vista x64.
Can anyone confirm or deny this?

As I’ve already found out, “Outlook Internet Fax Service” doesn’t work on
Vista x64 told to me by a Windows Dialog Box, but I don’t think should be
preventing me from bringing my Outlook Contacts into WFS.

Windows Fax and Scan (WFS) won't use my 2007 Outlook Contacts

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