Re: Windows no longer displays Computers in My Network Places

Posted: 12-23-2008, 09:52 PM

"smlunatick" wrote:
> On Dec 23, 10:49 am, msc-tech <>
> wrote:
> > "John John (MVP)" wrote:
> > > msc-tech wrote:
> > > > I have one PC that will not connect to another XP Pro PC on the network BY
> > > > NAME. I can connect to the other machine by IP address, but not by name. I
> > > > have tried reconfiguring everything I can think of. Any help would be
> > > > appreciated. Thank you.
> >
> > > What kind of network is it on?
> >
> > > John
> >
> > > The network is a Windows Server 2003-based Domain with 6 systems currently online. The issue only presents between two systems. The issue does not exist everywhere nor does this problem show up all of the time. One of the errors that shows up is "Access is denied.......The User name could not be found." The owner of the company (the person whose computer has the problem) does not use the AD Published shares, but prefers to get to a share via My Network places > Entire Netowrk > Windows Network > Workgroup. The issue is that the computer (The VP of Operations) that is trying to be contacted does not always respond via its host name but it almost always responds to its IP address. I have done many searches on the net related to this issue.. I have tried every solution that I could find. Thank you for any help!- Hide quoted text -
> >
> > - Show quoted text -
> Check with the software firewall and antivirus settings on the Pc
> "locally." This can indicate that these softwares might be blocking
> the "NetBIOS name resolution" IP protocol since this protocol can be
> use to spread the Internet worm viruses. To check this out, try to
> access a different PC, on the affect one, by the IP address (\
> \ instead of PC name (\\PC1.)
That does work, and the Firewall settings are correct. Any other suggestions?

Re: Windows no longer displays Computers in My Network Places

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