RE: Windows Update errors after long time waiting, certain webpages fa

Posted: 07-06-2007, 06:54 AM
Hi spider, suggest perhaps the Vista installation newsgroup -

"spider_d" wrote:
> Hi, here is all the info I think relevant. I'm desperate for a little help.
> I upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium. All up-to-date before
> install. First thing I did is try and update vista, but the windows update
> bar just scrolls and scrolls, then gives an error. A new error every time I
> try. So, I open IE7 to try and find solutions. Any webpage from microsoft
> won't load, and other pages too. I try Firefox, same problem. I re-install
> fresh copy of XP with formatted drive, install vista, same problem. I install
> XP, update everything, install vista, same problem. I remove router, same
> problem. I try a buddies modem, same problem.
> I've install vista ten times with the same problem. Windows update gives
> errors and certain web pages won't load.
> I run Mcafee Internet Security. It won't install once I install vista. The
> download screen never changes. It's like it won't download either.
> I installed only Mcafee before installing Vista, still no updates and
> loading web pages problem.
> System:
> Asus P5N32-E SLI
> E6600
> 2 GB Corsair XMS2 6400-PRO
> eVGA 7600 GT in SLI
> Latest drivers for Vista from nVidia
> Windows Xp Media Center
> Upgrade disk Windows Vista home premium
> Please help. I love the Vista interface, but can't log on to half the web
> pages that I need and can't update half the programs I own, including Vista
> itself!
> I;ve tryed all kinds of tricks for the reported error codes. I've disabled
> services, firewalls, anti-virus, bit defender. I've started services too. I'm
> now back on XP!
> many thanks,
> Dan

RE: Windows Update errors after long time waiting, certain webpages fa

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