windows xp hangs when logonui.exe starts to load

Posted: 11-16-2004, 01:05 PM

My partition structure is:
freebsd 5.00 GB Healthy Primary Partition
C: NTFS 10.00 GB Healthy (Boot)Logical Drive in Extended Partiton
D: NTFS 17.26 GB Healthy Logical Drive in Extended Partition
E: Fat32 5.00 GB Healthy Logical Drive in Extendede Parition

Today, I installed FreeBSD in the primary partition and decided to boot
windows xp from a floppy disk. The FreeBSD installation completed
successfully, and as expected, the MBR now contains only FreeBSD
I started up the computer from a floppy and the os selector menu
appeared. I selected windows xp and the startup screen appeared. The
green bar rolled and then logonui.exe started to load. But only a blue
screen with a windows xp logo in the center right appeared and then the
system hanged. It accepted nothing. When I pressed any key (except the
num lock, caps lock and scroll lock) the system made a peep sound. I
tried booting from Safe Mode but the same problem appeared.
Now how do I start using Windows XP?

windows xp hangs when logonui.exe starts to load

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