XP Meltdown...

Posted: 08-14-2003, 04:36 PM
Help!!! While working on an important school project, my
system suddenly crashed. It has had a habit of
spontaneously rebooting ever since I purchased my computer
3 months ago (I was told that it was due to the animation
software I was using.) When I attempted to restart, I was
immediately sent to the screen that you usually access by
pressing F8. If I try to choose one of the "safe mode"
options, the screen is immediately filled with lines and
lines what what looks like "partition" files(?). I am
unable to back out or move anywhere from that point. When
I choose "normal mode" or "last known good configuration",
my screen goes blank and stays that way. I am not on the
Internet, so I could not have picked up a virus that way -
the computers that I share my files with are regularly
swept for viruses, and none of the disks that I have were
infected (I checked to confirm this). What shoukd I do?

XP Meltdown...

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