Laptop Stickers that every Geek wants

As promised, I am sharing a collection of stickers that every geek wants to have, these are the most wanted laptop stickers, which you would either have already or seeking to get. Check them out and let me know if you have any more to be included in this collection.

Linux & OpenSource Laptop Stickers

OpenSource Laptop Sticker

Tux Laptop Stickers

Gnome & Ubuntu Laptop Stickers

GNU, Redhat, Debian, Gentoo laptop Stickers

Ubuntu Stickers

Cute Tux Laptop Stickers

Linux Inside Sticker

Amazing Black Silhouette Tux Laptop

PHP Laptop Sticker

OpenSocial Laptop Sticker

Suse Linux Laptop Stickers

Fedora Laptop Stickers

Drupal Laptop Stickers

Hackday laptop stickers

Debian Laptop Sticker

Chris Prillo Laptop Stickers

Popular Web Geeky Stickers

Here is another list that are popular laptop stickers, that most geeks like and own. I have been collecting many from years. You can check this list, send me comments, if you have any more that can be included.

Geek Pride Laptop Stickers

Creative Commons Laptop Sticker

Geeky Nerdy Laptop Colorful stickers

Twitter Laptop Sticker

Technorati Laptop Stickers

Flickr Laptop Sticker

Google Laptop Stickers

Google Laptop Sticker

Blogger Laptop Stickers

Feedburner Laptop Stickers

Youtube & Google Laptop Stickers

Riya Laptop Stickers

Adobe, Google, Skype, YouTube, WordPress, RSS Laptop Stickers

All Popular Stickers

Netvibes Laptop Stickers

Social Media Club

Wikipedia laptop Sticker

Yahoo Web Laptop Stickers

Digg Laptop Sticker

Wordpress Laptop Sticker

Wordpress Wordcamp Laptop Sticker

Firefox Laptop Sticker

Barcamp Stickers

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23 Responses to Laptop Stickers that every Geek wants

  1. steven says:

    hey, those are great..Where can i find them in Dominican Republic?? Or Can i Order them in any special web page?

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  3. motmot says:

    my ubuntu-sticker lasted as long as my windows install :P

  4. thura says:

    would be appreciated if you can share some of stickers? or where can i get those in UK…

  5. Aaron says:

    Hey man those are AWSOME!! where can I order em??

  6. Charley says:

    Hey, where can I gets me some o them gnarly stickers?

  7. Dave says:

    All cool but 1.. the one with the linux and vistcha logo. It’s a DISGRACE to Linux to be mixed with vistcha. ;)

    other than that they’re all cool :)

  8. Konraden says:

    You need to define what it means to be a geek? I didn’t see a single windows sticker on there. Or an apple. It’s all linux! Linux bores me.

    • bob says:

      Geek def. – one who uses linux.
      poser def – one who uses windows.
      retard def – one who uses an apple. syn. broke poser

      hope that clears that up.

  9. everett says:

    Wow i gotta get me some of those ^^ nice collection!

  10. caleb says:

    I agree with Konraden, it’s so boring when things work properly =P

  11. Jack says:

    How much money do I get if I put some of these advertisements on my laptop? Will I be paid via paypal or similar?

    The non-advertisement stickers (open source) are very nice! How do I change the microcode in my hardware so that I can run my computer with 100% opensource … after all the operating system is just a thin layer on top so just using that wouldn’t justify using open source stickers…

  12. jv says:

    A Woody Guthrie inspired sticker for your laptop…”This Machine Kills Fascists”

  13. sajands says:


    Where and how can i get thoes suse linux stickers for my laptop?


  14. Ashish says:

    awesome …..
    From where I can buy those ???

  15. Titanas says:

    Hey, great post but i’d really appreciate it if you put a link to my Flickr account. After all, the pic is for anyone to use under Creative Commons but with attribution :)

  16. grim8.0 says:

    I’ve never seen so many open source stickers. I want to know who the manufacturer is. They should start selling these in retail stores. Us geeks will eat these up. To Konraden: I find it a tad offensive you define apple and MS as being geeky. It’s open source stuff. Tis the whole point of posting these pictures. That is why you don’t see apple and MS crap, because they are not open source. So yeah. MS is doomed, apple has a chance.

  17. ?? says:

    How I wish I have a Fedora stricker, anyone can help me?

  18. Chris says:

    To get Ubuntu large stickers stickers go to and request a free CD and along with that you get a bunch of stickers.

    To get little ubuntu stamp size stickers send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
    Bauer-Power Ubuntu Stickers
    1520 Petree Street, Suite 632
    El Cajon, CA 92020

    To get Gmail stickers send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

    Send me some Gmail stickers already
    P.O. Box 391420
    Mountain View, CA 94039-1420


  19. Amit Pundir says:

    Those stickers are really good and must have for a Linux enthusiast like me.
    Please tell me from where can I get/buy those stickers?

  20. srikanth says:

    Man that was a fabulous collection. Could you pls tell me where can I get them?

    BTW, I got keyboard shortcuts, Gmail stickers and Google Guru T Shirts from Google, India for taking part in Got the ‘App’titude Challenge organized by Google.

  21. Konraden says:

    I like how two fan-boys picked me out because I find MS to be geeky. Why is Open Source Geeky? Anyone every here of the No True Scotsman argument? You would be wise to understand it.

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