Laptop Stickers that every Geek wants

As promised, I am sharing a collection of stickers that every geek wants to have, these are the most wanted laptop stickers, which you would either have already or seeking to get. Check them out and let me know if you have any more to be included in this collection.

Linux & OpenSource Laptop Stickers

OpenSource Laptop Sticker

Tux Laptop Stickers

Gnome & Ubuntu Laptop Stickers

GNU, Redhat, Debian, Gentoo laptop Stickers

Ubuntu Stickers

Cute Tux Laptop Stickers

Linux Inside Sticker

Amazing Black Silhouette Tux Laptop

PHP Laptop Sticker

OpenSocial Laptop Sticker

Suse Linux Laptop Stickers

Fedora Laptop Stickers

Drupal Laptop Stickers

Hackday laptop stickers

Debian Laptop Sticker

Chris Prillo Laptop Stickers

Popular Web Geeky Stickers

Here is another list that are popular laptop stickers, that most geeks like and own. I have been collecting many from years. You can check this list, send me comments, if you have any more that can be included.

Geek Pride Laptop Stickers

Creative Commons Laptop Sticker

Geeky Nerdy Laptop Colorful stickers

Twitter Laptop Sticker

Technorati Laptop Stickers

Flickr Laptop Sticker

Google Laptop Stickers

Google Laptop Sticker

Blogger Laptop Stickers

Feedburner Laptop Stickers

Youtube & Google Laptop Stickers

Riya Laptop Stickers

Adobe, Google, Skype, YouTube, WordPress, RSS Laptop Stickers

All Popular Stickers

Netvibes Laptop Stickers

Social Media Club

Wikipedia laptop Sticker

Yahoo Web Laptop Stickers

Digg Laptop Sticker

Wordpress Laptop Sticker

Wordpress Wordcamp Laptop Sticker

Firefox Laptop Sticker

Barcamp Stickers

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