Google Apps no longer in beta

Google has finally shed the tag of beta from its Google Apps. Google is notorious for keeping its products in beta stage way too long. Google Apps is a web service by Google which allows you to use the Google apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites etc. for your own site. The basic version of Google Apps is free but if you go for the more advanced version (depending on the number of users) then you need to shell out some money.

The strange thing about it, which has been raised time and time again is, How can Google ask you to pay for a service which is still in beta. The application or services in beta are not said to be particularly stable and definitely not recommended for the corporate users.

The latest development is certainly sound like music for the corporate users. It’s not that they doubted the quality of Google Apps but this will certainly reinforce their faith. The issue of beta tags on the Google Apps was raised more seriously few months back when Gmail along with Google Apps was down for few hours. Gmail had become GFail which also became a twitter trend on the day.

Google is probably trying to ascertain to its paid customers that Google apps mean business and they can depend on them for their business needs.

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