Google Chrome OS is for Real

The Operating System was the only frontier that Google had not touched directly. We had been hearing about Google Operating System for a very long time but later it turned out to be an Operating System for mobiles i.e. Android. The launch of Android had put any plans of Google getting more direct against Microsoft to rest. But Google has finally made it public that they are indeed making an Operating System. It will be called Google Chrome OS and we have no doubts that Google Chrome browser holds a special place in the scheme of things.

Google today mentioned in its official blog that they will launch the Chrome OS next year. Google claims that the present Operating Systems are not designed to fulfill the needs of the present users. The Operating Systems that most use today were made when web was not available. We can certainly make out what is Google talking about here. The Windows XP which is the most loved OS ever is now about 8 years old and it was not designed for a web user that we have all become.

Google says that the Chrome OS will be initially marketed towards the netbooks. We don’t need to think very far that it will also be made available for the regular and advanced machines as well. Google Chrome OS is an open source and  will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. It might be available to testers by the year end though. Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and it uses the Linux kernel.

Google is obviously being sensible here by targeting it to netbooks because it wont be easy to convince the developers to port their apps to the Chrome OS. I don’t think Adobe will make Photoshop for Chrome OS unless they manage some really great numbers which does seem highly unlikely.

It’s still very early stage to say more about it. Further it’d be very foolish to consider it Windows killer. Just wait and watch for now. This will make for some story though.

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