Google Latitude comes to iPhone

The stalker friendly Google Latitude has finally come to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The launch of Google Latitude was due on the iPhone while it had already been launched for Blackberry, Windows Mobile 5.0 and S60. For the uninitiated Google Latitude is a mobile service which lets its users to share their location via GPS installed handsets or through network geolocation.

Google Latitude on iPhone comes with all the standard features such as sharing your location and seeing where your Google Latitude friends are located. The strange thing about Google Latitude application for iPhone is that it is a web based app here unlike its version on Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The Google Mobile Blog states that they created this application by working closely with Apple and the decision to make it a web app was taken to “avoid any confusion with Maps on iPhone.” One of the main thing to note here is that Google is bypassing the iPhone Apps Store by making it a webapp. The company has onbviously stated that it doesn’t wanted to confuse its app with Maps on iPhone but it’s also possible that Apple could have shown his bigbrother tendencies. We can only speculate.

Since apps can not be run in background on an iPhone so its users will have to update their location by pointing their browser to This is not exactly what we’d have liked but something is better than nothing.

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