Google Wave : My Take on it

Everyone is occupied on the internet using email and instant messaging, Google wave has made it possible to integrate the two and add loads of other functionality on the same.

Google Wave is the new upcoming product by google developed out of Google’s Australia offices. Wave offers new age and easy way to navigate and participate in communication on the web which makes this all the more interesting and captivating.

Techcrunch have covered all the cool features that google wave has.

I feel that the newer products that are coming out are redefining the way things are done, either they have asimilated the best of what technology has to offer or they have collectively connected the most popular things on web and remixed the whole game.

Like in the case of bing, it is offering new way of search, something useful more relevant and more competitive. Google wave is more into setting the new trend, just when you didn’t knew what next form of communication could we have on web, you get Wave to become a new platform all together.

Just a decade ago IM became so handy and you get to see this. Wow! Truly I am blessed to be living in the amazing times.

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