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We all have heard about the Google’s Belgian court drama before, Check out the website, Scroll down, down, down and down … it has a printed the full ruling of the Google News case on the Google’s Belgian homepage or Google would have to pay 500,000 euros per day.

They had just 10 days to remove all cache articles from Google and Google News links to the articles or face a Euro 1-million daily fine. Google has now stopped indexing the Belgian newspapers’ content.

google.jpgThe court ruling posted on Google Belgian properties is the full text of the judgment that stops Google from displaying news content from Belgian, French and German newspapers without paying them or asking their permission.

Do you find it Strange looking Huh! but its better to keep the odd looking page, instead paying huge fine. 

Google News lists headlines and a few sentences of text from news articles around the world and links back to a publication’s own Web site for users to read the whole item. Any publisher can opt out by asking Google to remove its content, but publishers argue that by reproducing the material in the first place Google is violating copyright law.

The Belgian case was brought by Copiepresse, an organization that manages copyrights for French and German language newspapers.

Google is facing a similar copyright lawsuit from French news agency Agence France-Presse.
Google said its service is lawful and drives traffic to newspaper sites because people need to click through to the original publisher to read the full story. Local newspaper editors argued that Google’s popular news site stole traffic from individual newspapers’ sites.

A group of newspaper trade associations announced plans Friday for a pilot project by year’s end to automatically grant republication authorizations to Internet search engines.

Separately, Google has agreed to pay The Associated Press for stories and photographs. Neither Google nor New York-based AP have disclosed financial terms or other details because of a nondisclosure agreement.

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