How To Download YouTube Videos

Youtube is a great place on the web to hang out and just chill. You can watch pretty much any video on Youtube and if you can’t find the video related to your search then rest assure that you won’t find it anywhere else on web either. Unlike some other similar video sites, youtube doesn’t allow you to download videos which has led to the creation of some tools to do precisely that, download youtube videos.

Downloadyoutubevideos is one of the better option for those looking at downloading youtube videos to their desktop because it is very easy to use. Simply type in the URL of the video link that you would like to download and the clip is downloaded to your hard disk. No need to sign back in to youtube and wait a few minute for an entire clip to load. After downloading you can easily play with media player. I recommend VLC player to view files as it can play video of every type you can imagine.

Vidgrab is a another simple site which allows to download youtube video directly to their desktop without installing any software or download conversion. Just copy and paste the link and click the download option. Besides the download function, the site also shows a top list of most viewed videos. Warning: There are adult ads on this website so you wont like to use it before someone else.

Kcoolonline is a web based converter which supports many video sharing websites, including youtube. To download a video , you just copy the URL from the youtube site and paste its URL into the box and press Get Vid.

Vidtaker is a simple site that lets you download any video from a number of video sharing website. Just copy the address of the video and it will do the rest. While there is no browser addon to download videos directly from youtube .

You can also try a Greasemonkey script called Download Video from Youtube which puts a small link besides the Youtube clip which you can click to download.

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4 Responses to How To Download YouTube Videos

  1. Bryan Fleming says:

    Some of them like only let you download the flv file (not much use for most people). I use a site called – It’s nice because it both downloads and converts the video into the formats I need for my Ipod and DVDs.

    thanks for posting these links.

    - Bryan

  2. ronald says:

    you forgot about tubezoid video download … pretty simple in use and nice looking :)

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