How to remove scratches on LCD Monitor

The only thing said to be more delicate than a girl’s heart is a LCD screen and it needs much more care than a CRT. LCD panels hold polarizing crystals between two glass sheets which produce the quality pictures. The images produced by a LCD are many times better than a CRT but even minor damage can ruin it completely. Unfortunately, the LCD panel becomes of no use if the glass panel breaks down and liquid crystals held inside get dispersed.

The only thing you can do in that case is throw it in trash. However if the degree of damage is just limited to a scratch then you can definitely do something to mend it.

There are two ways to remove scratches on your LCD screen:

1. First of all apply diluted isopropyl alcohol (50/50 with water) with a clean cotton cloth on the surface of the screen. This should make the surface clear of any dirt and then you can put Vaseline in the trough of scratch. Gently wipe the Vaseline left off the scratch. This should fill the scratch with Vaseline and you can again enjoy gaming or watching videos on your screen.

2. You can also do this trick to get you rid of the scratch if the scratch is particularly harsh. Start with cleaning the surface with diluted isopropyl alcohol (50/50 with water) as mentioned in previous way. Apply a bit of auto rubbing compound the scratched surface and polish the area. After that, use a piece of paper and make a very small hole (5mm) in its centre to spray clear lacquer on the surface. Leave the surface to dry after that.

These techniques should help and you must read the instruction manual of the LCD manufacturer before applying any cleaning agent on the screen.

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6 Responses to How to remove scratches on LCD Monitor

  1. Dale Pearce says:

    To say that the images produced by an LCD are many times better than a CRT is false. CRT tecnology is a mature technologhy while LCD and Plasma technology are in their infancy in comparision. Yes, a High Def. CRT’s weighs a ton but slim and light do not make for a better picture. Yet.

    No LCD monitor or television can yet beat the image quality produced by the best CRT’s. Ask the pros. They will agree. The day will come but it is not here yet.

  2. Anti-DaleP says:

    I just wanted to state that I disagree with Dale… at least when it comes to computer monitors.

    I think the biggest problem with LCDs was the blacks and dark color reproduction, which has gotten pretty good as of late. So that’s less of an issue. The nature of LCD’s refresh rate kicks butt over CRT’s in my opinion. While the way a monitor displays an image in terms of refresh doesnt exactly qualify as image quality… or color reproduction or what have you… it’s certainly a much more pleasurable and comfortable viewing experience…particularly if you have to look at the screen a lot…

    I just think looking at an LCD nowadays is better than looking at a CRT when it comes down to it, regardless of color reproduction and sharpness.

    Which is enough for me to make decide that picture quality is better on newer LCDs, even if it’s technically incorrect. Even CRTs with really high refresh rates (I have one that runs 1280×1024 120hz) just seem flickery and weird to me after getting used to the way LCDs continually display a picture.

  3. Anti-DaleP says:

    “at least when it comes to computer m onitors” meaning, large LCD tv’s still have some catching up to do.

  4. martin anderson says:

    Lcd televisions are more healthy for you,probably what you did not realise is the high doses of x ray radiation from a older tv or monitors,we will never know about any cover ups about this problem,or maybe any cancers caused by such items,i have worked as an engineer and regulary scanned for radiation levels working on crt devices and sadly to say the levels were a lot higher than normal,as i am now 45 i seem ok gave up electronic serviceing in the 90s, but lots of questions keep poping up about are health as a nation why were we not given health warnings on televisions,maybe some people had too much money to lose.

  5. mongobread says:

    Well, one thing is certain the vaseline part really patched my problem.

    I was so irritated to see the scratch made by my daughter (3 year old toddler by the way) using a nail cutter.

    I can’t work right w/ my LCD (IBM ThinkVision 19 inch) seeing this rainbow colored line just right in the middle of the screen. Sheesh!

    I will bring this tip to the grave now I’m not worrying so much about the scratch. Looks nothing had happened. Just to brush away the vaseline that was patching up the scratch/hole on your screen.

  6. Elmo says:

    I tried the “Vaseline” technique on an LCD monitor with one severely bad scratch, and though it wasn’t a perfect fix it sure made the scratch much less noticeable.

    I had my doubts it would work … but pleasantly surprised.


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