HTML5 Review

From last ten years or more HTML 4 has been widely used but with the growing needs of the web, website builders are now requiring new and advanced techniques that can assure enhanced functionality, most web developers find problems due to the HTML 4 language and browsers.In order to provide more flexibility and interoperability, and also allow more interactive and exciting websites and applications, HTML 5 will be introduceing a wide range of features including form controls, APIs, multimedia, structure, and semantics. Sounds exciting Huh! Sure indeed…

HTML 5 started way back in 2004, development in this area is being carried out in a joint effort between the W3C HTML WG and the WHATWG. Many more participants in this W3C initiative include representatives from the four major browser vendors Apple, Mozilla, Opera, and Microsoft. Also some more organizations and individuals of diverse interests and expertise.

If you research you will find that the specification is still under progress and quite a long way from completion. We may expect a lot more that gets introduced or included in this. But it certainly is exciting to see web changing so much and so well.

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